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Points Guide Empty Points Guide

Post  Paradiso Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:57 am

Earn points by helping promote, or contributing to the site in some way.

Like on Facebook---------------------------------------------------- 5 points
-PM me your Facebook name for verification

Share on Twitter----------------------------------------------------- 5 points
-PM me your Twitter name and follow gift_an_app on Twitter

Post link in signature of another forum---------------------------- 5 points
-post a screenshot showing signature
-one per forum

Recruit a new member---------------------------------------------- 10 points
-have the member tell me you recruited them

Donation------------------------------------------------------------- 10 points/dollar
-earn 10 points for every dollar you donate through PayPal, minimum 5 USD

Other---------------------------------------------------------------- ??? Points
-Make a tshirt, post a sign at a public place, have an airplane write a link in the sky? Post picture proof and earn lots of points! Be creative!



.99 app--------------------------------------------------------- 25 points

1.99 app-------------------------------------------------------- 50 points

2.99 app-------------------------------------------------------- 75 points

3.99 app-------------------------------------------------------- 100 points

4.99 app-------------------------------------------------------- 125 points

This is the first version of the guide, it may be changed according to feedback and participation. Post suggestions or questions in the site feedback section.


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