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Post  K/1 Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:43 am

Your site makes my eyes bleed. It looks like some geocities/myspace mess from the 1990s.

First and formost, pick one color and one font size. I can't stand seeing every different font, font size, and color that could possibly be used mixed together. Orange is not an acceptable color for text.

Second, get rid of all the crap. You have three separate search functions. WTF? Get rid of the scrolling module to the left, it is extremely annoying. Eliminate the RSS feeds and the bookmark crap. If you must, add []addthis[/url] at the bottom of the page. Get rid of the smilies too until you can get a good pop-out implementation. Finally, all of the buttons look dated and just old.

Clean up the amount of forums. Have three forums: US gifting, Worldwide gifting, and other. You have nearly as many forums as TA, but less than .01% of their posts.

Here's what I think of the front page:

and here's what it could be like.

Just want to add that I like your idea but I think the implementation is bad. Please don't take any of this personally. I really want to see this site grow. I'll also work on my banner and might have it done by midnight.
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