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Post  Paradiso Mon Apr 04, 2011 10:51 pm

Now that you're here and registered, you're probably wondering what to do next. Luckily there are a variety of different activities going on here at Giftanapp.

Promo codes- you get these from developers. They can be given away to anyone. Although it isn't required, developers appreciate an honest review if you redeem them. Give them away in the Promo Code section here.

Gifting apps- this is buying an app for someone else. Check the gifting tutorial for more information on how to gift. Anyone can do it, as long as they have a credit card associated with their account.

Daily Giveaway- Monday through Friday I give away one app daily. Be the first to reply and I'll gift you any app of your choosing, within that days price range.

Discussions- check the lounge and general discussion areas for talk about apps, iPhones, and pretty much anything else.

Contributor Points- this is how I reward you for helping to promote the site. The current point system is on hold temporarily, but once it'd up and running again, you can start redeeming your hard earned points for apps.

Enjoy your visit!


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