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Post  Paradiso Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:36 am

So in attempting to grow Giftanapp as large as possible, I've realized that a forum isn't the best place for it. Those of you from TouchArcade are adamant forum visitors, and are familiar with how to register, post, edit, etc. The average person however, may not want to invest the time needed to register, post, and then check their private messages.

I've been thinking about this on and off for the last few weeks and Ive come up with a few ideas. First off is the obvious choice, an app that has an auto login feature that's unique to each device. Easy to use, one click registration, something similar to the OpenFeint and Crystal networks. But, I don't have the experience or hardware needed to make an app. So unless I see some interest from developers, this probably wont happen for a while. Also, because it's harder to integrate ads into an app than into a website, the Giftanapp app may be a paid app. Possibly a free version with some sort of Pro version upgrade.

Next is Twitter and Facebook having a closer integration. Problem with this is administration, theres nothing stopping people from creating multiple email accounts and cheating. There are ways around this, but again, I dont have the experience or know how.

The easiest choice is to keep Giftanapp in this forum, and just try to go from there. No major changes necessary, I'm already established here. But there's always the chance that people are being put off because of the forum.

It boils down to whose willing to help basically. I've asked about an app on TA, and I've been talking to a few web developers, so it could happen. For my readers, just keep doing what your doing. Although it's small now, Giftanapp would be a whole lot smaller without you guys Smile


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