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Mission Europa Review

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Mission Europa Review Empty Mission Europa Review

Post  Arashi541 on Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:59 am

Mission Europa: Intense Sci-Fi Action RPG

Mission Europa Review Itunesartwork

Mission Europa is the newest game from Banshee Soft which is headed by Ryan Mitchell. This game has been in development for over a year and a half which certainly tells you about the work ethic and determination of Ryan. The game has been optimized for all ios devices including the first iphone. There are currently two versions of the game: Collectors and Standard Edition. Standard edition costs 3.99 while Collectors Edition costs 9.99 and includes features which aren’t in the standard edition. I personally recommend the Collectors Edition because you can access all of the game right out of the box including the later levels.

Story: You are sent to the ice moon Europa for your latest search and rescue assignment. The mining facility had lost contact with the command center a few weeks ago and you and your crew are sent to figure out what happened. But it turns out its not actually a technical problem and you are forced to survive the evil beings that have took over the outpost.

Gameplay: Mission Europa is a mix of first person shooter and the role playing genre. This game has massive replay value because the campaign has over 50 hours of gameplay and you can go back and try to get cooler weapons.

You start out with basic weapons but over the course of the game you can get some really awesome weapons. There are many different weapons which fall into two categories melee and guns. You can equip two weapons at the same time with the dual wield skill. This adds many different ways you can play like if you choose to go in guns blazing or with all axes. But the most important thing is the enemies with which you can beat up with your weapons. Fortunately there are tons of different enemies spread over 50 expansive levels. Each of the enemies attacks a little differently than the rest and they grow more difficult every level.

The controls are very easy to manipulate and do not hinder the game experience at all. You swipe your finger over the screen to move your view point and you tap one of two buttons to fire either your right or left weapon that is equipped. There is a very interesting menu system in which you can choose two specific things like inventory and skills and compare them side to side. Also you can keep inventory items inside the skill menu which is really convenient if your inventory is full. The HUD is not very cluttered and consists of 9 item places where you can place any item. There are also two other item place menus where you can put other skills. You can switch between all of the item place menus so you could have one with passive skills and one with all sorts of weapons you could switch between and the last one with all sorts of skills.

There are many different skills in this game that effect your character. The two types of skills are passive and active skills. Passive skills affect your attack and defense while active skills are used in combat to damage enemies. A nifty thing with skills is that if you have two copies of them you can combine them together to make a much stronger skill that will give you a advantage over the harder enemies in the game.

Comparison: Standard Edition is the same game as Collectors edition except for the fact that you have to buy the additional episodes. You start out with the first ten levels and each additional one costs additional money. In Collectors edition there are these perks included:
- All 5 episodes included
- Game is open to immediately explore with the teleported
- 2X the armor sets (You can wear enemy armor and flesh when they are found)
- Epic Sword
- Saintly Armor
- 100 Manna potions
- 100 Health potions

Graphics: The graphics of this game are what most people question but I feel that they properly fit the game. Keep in mind that one guy did this in his spare time over the course of a year and a half.

Sound: The sounds of this game are very haunting and has a very upbeat tempo which goes well with the moans and screams from the opponents.

Overall: Overall this game exceeded my expectations and has kept me coming back due to a online website where all of the scores are kept. You can compete and try to get the most kills. Also there is a multiplayer arena which is still a work in progress and is almost done. There is also a in game mail box system where you can send items. Soon in a upcoming update there will be a auction system.

Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 8.10 because a robot voice gets very annoying
Overall: 25/30

Here are the links for this game and the tutorial which is very helpful for beginners.

Game Trailer:

Game Tutorial:

Game Link:
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Mission Europa Review Empty Re: Mission Europa Review

Post  Haruhi on Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:29 am

Great game, and nice job on the review!

Mission Europa Review Hahuricopy
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Mission Europa Review Empty Re: Mission Europa Review

Post  dxfan101010 on Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:37 am

This game looks awesome if only i had 9.99 for the collectors

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Mission Europa Review Empty Re: Mission Europa Review

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